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As ex-brand employees, the founders of UBL had seen it all – from extravagant product launches to exclusive executive retreats. They were accustomed to catering to the needs of all clients, ensuring every detail was meticulously planned and flawlessly executed. Driven by their passion for service and a desire to make a difference, the founders embarked on a new journey. They envisioned a brand that would bring the same level of quality and luxury experienced by executive clients to the everyday woman, without the exorbitant price tag. And thus, UBL was born.

 At the heart of UBL's mission is the commitment to serve middle-class working women with premium services and products at affordable prices. Understanding the challenges faced by women juggling careers, families, and personal aspirations, the founders set out to create a sanctuary where they could find everything they need under one roof.

From professional attire to skincare essentials, UBL offers a curated selection of top brands, carefully chosen to cater to the diverse needs of its clientele. Whether it's preparing for a boardroom presentation or indulging in a self-care routine after a long day at work, UBL strives to be the go-to destination for women looking to elevate their everyday lives

What sets UBL apart is not just its commitment to affordability, but also its emphasis on inclusivity and empowerment. The founders understand that true luxury lies in accessibility – in the ability to provide women from all walks of life with the tools and resources they need to succeed.




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Clients Satisfied

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We make you beautiful with modern touches


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Get the look of your dreams with our beauty experts


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